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Premium Ceramic Coating Services

Elevate your car’s aesthetics and protection with our top-notch ceramic coating services at 5ive Star Mobile Auto Detailing. A ceramic coating is a high-tech product that safeguards your vehicle’s surface while also enhancing its gloss and color depth. We provide a long-lasting protective layer that shields your car from environmental hazards, including bird droppings, UV rays, acid rain, and dirt. Our professional application ensures a hydrophobic surface, reducing the time and effort needed for regular cleaning. Plus, our ceramic coating services amplify your vehicle’s color and gloss, making it shine like never before. Choose our services for superior protection and a visually stunning finish that keeps your car looking showroom-new for years.

Our ceramic coatings create an incredibly durable layer of protection on your vehicle’s surface that lasts years. This transparent layer adds depth to your car’s color, reduces the risk of swirl marks, and helps repel dirt, water, and UV rays. Trust our professionals to provide a high-quality ceramic coating application that ensures long-lasting protection and a dazzling shine.

Our Service Benefits

With proper care, our high-quality ceramic coating can last up to 2-5 years. However, the lifespan also depends on environmental factors and how well the car is maintained.
While ceramic coating adds a protective layer, it does not make your car scratch-proof. However, it can help reduce the occurrence of swirl marks and minor scratches.
The application process can take a few hours to a day depending on the size of your vehicle and the preparation required before the coating is applied.
Yes, ceramic coating can be removed, but it requires professional methods such as polishing or wet sanding. It’s important to note that ceramic coatings are designed for long-lasting protection and are not meant to be removed frequently.

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